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Even though I was skeptical at first, we started a five month therapy session that has without a doubt finally given me the lifelong tools I need to speak, breathe, and even eat properly to keep my voice strong and healthy. Her methods were simple and methodical and I could do them at home and within weeks of our first session.
— L.H.

Upon learning that I had a vocal cord polyp, I immediately began voice therapy with Speech-Language Pathologist, Cassandra Linehan. She taught me how to use my voice with minimal stress and tension in a safe and comfortable environment. Most importantly, she understood how difficult it was not having the ability to effectively communicate following surgery or while on vocal rest. Cassandra was kind and supportive throughout the entire process.
— K.D.

Everything is going really, really well…I’ve been on my allergy medication, my voice is going strong and I’m teaching outdoors on a daily basis. [Her] teaching works…in the middle of allergy peak season!
— L.H.

I had never heard of voice therapy until the doctor discovered a nodule on one of my vocal cords, which accounted for my raspy and hoarse voice quality. He suggested that I start working with his colleague Cassandra Linehan—a voice therapist—as opposed to thinking of surgery at this point in time. My sessions with Cassandra were extremely helpful—beyond my expectations. She taught me breathing techniques and phonation exercises during our meetings as well as material to work on at home. In several months, my voice was normal and the nodule was gone. Cassandra as not only my voice therapist…she as my coach.
— P.W.